JULY 2016 DUI AND TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT CHECKPOINTS The Tennessee Highway Patrol will implement several checkpoints in Middle Tennessee during July, 2016. These included not only sobriety checkpoints (DUI roadblocks) but also driver’s license and seat belt checkpoints. NASHVILLE DIST 3 TYPE 7/1/2016 Rutherford S. Rutherford West of 41 Sobriety 7/1/2016 Williamson 5159 US Hwy 31 Sobriety

Can I Be Prosecuted for an “Old” Crime in Tennessee?

One of the questions our office is often asked is: “Can I be prosecuted for a crime I committed years ago?” It depends on the crime and the time period that has passed. For many accused, allegations of criminal wrongdoing can be shocking, particularly if the alleged offense occurred long ago. However, if you are

Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Announces DUI Checkpoints

Williamson County Sheriff’s Office to Conduct Driver’s Sobriety or DUI Checkpoints in Williamson County Five sobriety or DUI checkpoints will be conducted over the July 4th weekend in Williamson County.   The dates and locations are:  Thursday, July 3, 2014 on Goose Creek Bypass from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Thursday, July 3, 2014 on

City of Brentwood Must Make Library Available to County Election Commission

The Williamson County Election Commission can use the Brentwood Public Library as a polling place, according to a recent decision by the Tennessee Court of Appeals. The Williamson County election commission was denied use of city library for a polling place and initiated an action to have its rights under several election statutes declared. The