OCTOBER 2016 DUI AND TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT CHECKPOINTS The Tennessee Highway Patrol will implement several checkpoints in Middle Tennessee during October, 2016. These included not only sobriety checkpoints (DUI roadblocks) but also driver’s license and seat belt checkpoints. 10/02/2016: Wilson Cty: Sparts Pike @ Lindsley Road: Driver’s License Check. 10/07/2016: Montgomery Cty: Highway 48/ South of Hawkins Road:

Leave No Veteran Behind: Veterans Treatment Court in Williamson County

Across Tennessee we have a growing population of veterans who are coming home after serving our nation and face a difficult adjustment to their new civilian life, leading to a disturbing rise in homelessness, substance abuse and unemployment among former service members. These factors can cause our veterans to end up in the criminal justice

Child Protective Services Left a Card on My Door. Should I Call Them?

Often, our office receives phone calls from parents after coming home to find a business card left by an investigator with Child Protective Services on their door. In Tennessee, the Department of Children’s Services has an obligation to investigate allegations of child abuse and neglect.  The job of a case worker with the Child Protective

New Laws Take Effect January 1, 2014 in Tennessee

New Laws Effective in Tennessee in 2014 January 1, 2014: Perhaps the most notable new law taking effect on Jan. 1, 2014, in Tennessee is one that requires Amazon.com to start collecting sales taxes from its Tennessee customers – passed by the Legislature in 2012 in accordance with a deal negotiated by Governor Bill Haslam’s

City of Brentwood Must Make Library Available to County Election Commission

The Williamson County Election Commission can use the Brentwood Public Library as a polling place, according to a recent decision by the Tennessee Court of Appeals. The Williamson County election commission was denied use of city library for a polling place and initiated an action to have its rights under several election statutes declared. The