The Tennessee Highway Patrol will implement several checkpoints in Middle Tennessee during August, 2015. These included not only sobriety checkpoints (DUI roadblocks) but also driver’s license and seat belt checkpoints.

8/7/2015: Montgomery County: Kraft Street @ Frosty Morn Drive. Seat belt.

8/7/2015 Dickson County: Hwy 49 @ Sprout Springs. Driver’s License.

8/7/2015: Robertson County: Hwy 25@I-65. Seat belt.

8/7/2015 Rutherford County: Hwy 99 @Old Salem Road. Seat belt.


8/14/2015 Robertson County: Kennies Road @ Washington Road. Driver’s License.

8/14/2015 Sumner County: Hwy 31 E @ Davidson County Line. Seat belt.

8/14/2015 Rutherford County: Hwy 41 @ 70 East of 840. Sobriety.


8/21/2015 Williamson County: Wilson Pike North of Crockett. Seat belt.

8/21/2015 Humphreys County: Hwy 70 @ McEwen City Limits. Driver’s License.

8/21/2015 Robertson County: Hwy 76 @ I-65. Seat belt.

8/21/2015 Montgomery County: River Road @ Zinc Plant Road. Sobriety.


8/28/2015 Williamson County: US 31 @ S. of Davidson Line. Sobriety.

8/28/2015 Robertson County: Hwy 431 @ MM 4. Sobriety.

8/28/2015 Wilson County: Central Pike @ John Hager Road. Seat belt.

Tennessee Highway Patrol regulations generally require that every driver passing through a checkpoint location be stopped and questioned. In addition to checking for valid driver’s license, troopers will be investigating for signs of drug and alcohol impairment. If they suspect that you are under the influence, you may be asked to exit your vehicle and perform certain roadside tasks, often referred to as field sobriety tests.

Drive carefully and be on the outlook for these checkpoints or roadblocks.  Be aware there will likely be additional members of law enforcement on patrol throughout the area looking for impaired drivers.

Anyone detained and then arrested at a driver’s license, seat belt checkpoint or DUI roadblock should immediately contact a Tennessee criminal defense attorney.

A full list of Tennessee Highway Patrol sponsored roadside checkpoints throughout Tennessee can be found by clicking here.

For more information about DUI or about your legal rights pertaining to seat belt, driver’s license or sobriety checkpoints, contact Ausbrooks Law Office at 615-591-9111.

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