City of Brentwood Must Make Library Available to County Election Commission

The Williamson County Election Commission can use the Brentwood Public Library as a polling place, according to a recent decision by the Tennessee Court of Appeals. The Williamson County election commission was denied use of city library for a polling place and initiated an action to have its rights under several election statutes declared. The

Tennessee NFA (Gun) Trusts

Do you need a Tennessee Firearms Attorney? The father-daughter legal team of Dana Ausbrooks and David Ausbrooks share a passion for the law and a lifetime love of firearms. As gun owners, we understand the unique challenges facing gun owners. Planning your estate is a personal matter, and who better to work with than knowledgeable

Franklin Police plan DUI Checkpoint for March 14, 2013

Franklin police will conduct a sobriety checkpoint at Mack Hatcher Boulevard near Spencer Creek Road on Friday evening, March 14, 2013. Drive carefully and be on the outlook for the DUI roadblock.  Be aware there will likely be additional members of law enforcement on patrol throughout the city looking for impaired drivers. Anyone detained and then

Tennessee Legislature approves 2013 Safe Commute Act

2013 Safe Commute Act is one step closer to becoming a law in Tennessee. The bill would allow people with handgun-carry permits to keep guns in their locked cars on most parking lots in Tennessee — including at most workplaces — against the business owner’s objections without fear of state or local criminal charges. Non-permit